Erasmus Bridge By Night



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I am Monika, originally from a beautiful city in west-central Poland named Poznan, where I was born, raised and have great memories from. Since I moved to London in 2010, I started working in the music and media industry; this happened due to my love for music, a love that gradually led me to discover one of my biggest passions, photography ! I started off as a live music photographer covering mostly jams, open mics and the odd prog rock gig in all sorts of venues. After having explored my smartphone's photographic abilities, I decided to take things a bit more seriously and bought my first professional camera; soon enough I found myself shooting bands like Haelos, White Lies, The Vaccines, Interpol amongst others and covering festivals throughout the UK and Europe. During this past five years I have come a long way and have enjoyed working with businesses, as well as individuals and families doing portraits. In my spare time, I like to travel and capture with my lens the beauty of the places I visit. In this page you will find photos that I haven't included in my commercial website Hope you enjoy !

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